We are Ottawa’s Destination for Grills, BBQs & Smokers

Gas Grills

We only carry the best gas grill brands including Napoleon and Saber.

There are a number of advantages to gas grills. They’re easy to start, heat up quickly and hold temperature. They are perfect for indirect and multi-zone cooking, extremely easy to clean and cool down rapidly.

Charcoal Grills

We stock a full line of Napoleon charcoal grills. Whether you’re looking for a cart-model grill, combination grill/smoker or the popular kettle design, we have what you need!

You can’t beat the smokey flavour and taste that is only attainable through the use of a charcoal grill. These grills also provide great control and value and are easier to transport than gas grills.

Portable Grills

These gas grills from Napoleon are easy to pack up and bring with you on your next adventure.

Perfect for a day at the beach, camping trip or picnic. These compact grills are easy to transport without sacrificing grill space.

Built-In Grills

Napoleon has different grills and built-in accessories you need to create a chef-worthy outdoor kitchen.

You’re not limited to just a traditional grill for your outdoor kitchen, our Napoleon line includes flat-tops and infrared burners.


If you’re looking for a truly versatile charcoal cooking experience, kamado grills are a great option.

Kamado grills have a ceramic body that provides superior heat retention (as opposed to other grills).  They are incredibly versatile and are perfect for all types of grilling and smoking applications.

BBQ Accessories

In addition to grills, bbqs and smokers, we also carry an extensive line of accessories to ensure you have everything you need for your next backyard cookout!

Summer Grilling Guide

To up your grilling game this summer, refer to our Summer Grilling Guide!