Custom Fireplace Design

To add a fireplace to your home is to add a timeless feature that brings the family together with its warmth and ambiance. If you’re interested in installing a fireplace in your home, whether that means the living room, the dining room, the family room, or anywhere else, you may come to the conclusion that not every fireplace is one-size-fits-all. Instead of settling with a fireplace that may not fit properly or look nicely in the space you install it, it may be time to consider installing a custom fireplace from the experts at Team Harding. 

Regardless of what type of fireplace you wish to install (gas, electric, or wood-burning), and what room you wish to install your fireplace in, our team of professionals have expert knowledge and design experience to give you a one-of-a-kind custom design that’s as unique as your home and your family. Whether you wish to modify and modernize your old fireplace or create a new one from scratch, the experts at Team Harding are eager to help you get started.

Showroom Consultation 

A great way to get an understanding of your fireplace options, and a great way to speak to the experts in person is to visit our fireplace showroom. When you choose to visit our showroom and our team of professionals in person, you can see current default fireplace options, view custom work from the past, and ask any necessary questions to our friendly team of fireplace specialists. To visit our showroom is to have the full Team Harding experience, allowing you to gain all the knowledge you need to make the decision to choose custom design work.

At-Home Consultation

Once you’ve chosen the right model or the right concept for your home, our team will then visit you at your home for a consultation. Our at-home consultations are free of charge, and a great way to see how your chosen model looks with your home’s aesthetics and gain expert advice from our technicians about potential shelving, mantles, and mantle pieces to complete your new fireplace.


Once you’ve decided on the perfect look, location, and model for your fireplace, our team can move on to the best part: installing your fireplace and making your vision a reality! It’s not just the installation, our team of experts can do all of the custom work needed from drywalling to building custom cabinetry to make sure your fireplace is exactly what you had envisioned for your home.

Find the Perfect Fireplace to Match Your Personal Style.

Whether you’re looking for traditional woodstoves of the latest technology or gas or electric fireplaces, our professional and dedicated staff will guide you through the process from selection to installation.

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Why Choose A Custom Fireplace? 

A custom fireplace is not just a great statement piece, it’s also very purposeful. A custom fireplace that’s built expertly into the home can help make a room feel bigger, more functional, and warmer. With a custom fireplace you can feel good knowing that you’ve used your space expertly to create the perfect ambiance for you and your household.

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