Fireplace Installation

At Harding The Fireplace, we’re committed to not only helping you choose the best, most efficient fireplace for your home, budget and preference, but to also provide you with the very best fireplace installation in Ottawa. Our licensed & experienced technicians guarantee quality and safety with every fireplace installation.

Take the hassle out of your gas, electric or wood fireplace installation. Our staff will work with you to select the right product for your needs!

We can provide you with professional advice on the various components of a fireplace installation, including design, gas fitting, electrical, carpentry, dry walling and tiling. Once you’ve chosen a fireplace, we’ll book an appointment for a free, in-home consultation. Our consultant will perform an assessment of your space to ensure your fireplace is sized properly. We will advise you regarding options for cabinetry, mantle pieces, and tiles to create a beautiful space in your home. Our showroom allows you to come and see the fireplace before you finalize the purchase and see how the product will look like prior to installation in your home.

Sales, Installation, Support, And Warranties

When you hire the best to install your fireplace, you’re going to get the best service, support, and maintenance. That’s why homeowners in Ottawa trust Harding The Fireplace with their fireplace installation. With quality service comes quality installation, support, and warranties.

Leading Brands 

With an array of top brands including Napoleon and Regency, Team Harding takes pride in offering only the highest quality fireplaces to our customers. The experts at Team Harding would never sell a fireplace that they wouldn’t install in their own home.

Expert Advice

Our friendly team of expert technicians are always eager to answer any questions or concerns from our customers. Understanding your options and how they will benefit your home is the first step to making the right decision when purchasing a new fireplace.

Professional Installation

Our expert technicians have years of experience and take pride in providing quality fireplace installation as well as commendable customer service.

Top Warranties & Support

At Harding The Fireplace, we guarantee our workmanship on every installation for one full year. We also offer support and work within the parameters of each fireplace manufacturer’s warranty.

High-Quality, High-Performing Fireplaces From Leading Brands 

At Team Harding, we only offer our customers the best of today’s fireplaces. Our commitment to value and service has led us to offer both Napoleon and Regency fireplaces: reputable and quality brands that our customers love and can always rely on.

Napoleon is North America’s largest privately owned manufacturer of quality wood and gas fireplaces, and at Harding, we’re ecstatic to provide them to our customers. Napoleon is a leader in fireplace innovation and design, and they work closely with consumers to provide the best product possible. If you’re interested in installing a fireplace in your home that surpasses industry standards of design and function, invest in a Napoleon fireplace installation with Team Harding.

Operating out of Guelph, Ontario, Regency Fireplaces are high-quality Canadian-made fireplaces that can bring warmth and comfort to any Ottawa home during even the coldest winters. At Team Harding, we’re proud to offer our customers phenomenal and timeless fireplaces built by Canadians, for Canadians. For 40 years, Regency Fireplaces have been a popular and reputable choice for Canadian homes, and at Harding, we’re elated to offer Regency Fireplace installation to our customers.

Find the Perfect Fireplace to Match Your Personal Style.

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 Fireplace Installation FAQs

There are many different fireplace options, so you’ll be able to find the product that’s best suited for your needs and preferences. Nothing beats the ambiance of a real wood fireplace or the ease of a gas fireplace. Electric fireplaces are perfect for apartments, condos or homes and are extremely easy to install and come in a variety of design options. There is also the option for inserts or stoves.

Deciding on the right product will depend on your current home setup, budget and heat priorities. Friendly sales representatives at Harding The Fireplace can help you find the perfect fit for your home. Additionally, they can help with professional advice on everything from the fireplace installation to carpentry, drywall and tiling.

Once you’ve picked your fireplace, Harding The Fireplace technicians will go to your home for the installation and will go over all the different elements of the fireplace. They won’t leave until you’re comfortable with the install.

The Benefits Of A Fireplace 

Still on the fence about investing in fireplace installation? No worries! There are countless reasons why the addition of a fireplace can benefit any home. Here are a few of the most significant reasons to invest in a fireplace for your home and your family. 

Style And Comfort 

One of the main reasons why many Canadian households decide to install a fireplace in their home is for the style and comfort that it brings. A fireplace quickly becomes the focal point of any room it’s installed in, and it creates a cozy atmosphere in your living room during the winter. Holidays, snowstorms, and cold weather are thoroughly benefited from the presence of a fireplace due to its beautiful and timeless look as well as its ability to warm your family during the coldest winter nights.

Supplemental Heating 

Some homes, (especially older homes) are drafty and relying on just the furnace to heat the house can leave your family feeling a bit cold during the winter. Use your fireplace as supplemental heating throughout your home. By keeping your fireplace running, you’re warming the room it’s in as well as other spaces in the home where the heat is able to distribute. If your furnace alone isn’t cutting it, a fireplace will help to fill in the gaps.

In Case Of Emergency 

Experiencing a power outage or a furnace breakdown during the coldest times of the year can be an absolute nightmare. Many Canadian families have gas and wood-burning fireplaces installed in their homes in case of emergency to keep their home warm and their family safe in the event that their regular heating system cannot. We hope that our furnaces work for us throughout the winter, but in the case of the unexpected, a fireplace can be a real life-saver.

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