High Country™ 3000 Eco – NZ3000H

Napoleon’s new High Country 3000 Eco has changed to a catalytic fireplace, yes, just like your car. This fireplace has lower emissions then it’s predecessor and burns up to 25% longer, thus a more efficient model while still maintaining its heat.

  • New catalyst added
  • Dimensions, 43 1/4”h x 42”w x 29 1/4”d
  • Glass Sizes: 17″h x 12 1/2″w
  • Burns 25% longer than previous model
  • Lower emissions of 3.25g/hr
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Decorative knob allows the operator to bypass the catalyst temporarily, increasing the air flow through the unit to aide in starting a fire or reloading fuel
  • Digital catalyst temperature monitor allows the operator to ensure their fireplace is always within the optimal temperature range to provide lowest emissions possible
  • Improved air wash system allows glass doors to stay cleaner
  • Cast iron baffle and bypass door for durability
  • Cast iron front doors provide consistent seal
  • Black Andirons come standard