Charcoal Grill Fire Starters

The Best Fire Starters For a Charcoal Grill


For those of us who like to grill with charcoal as opposed to gas, we know that there are many advantages to the practice. Charcoal is far more versatile than gas because it can emit both direct and indirect heat, it’s more cost-effective than gas, and it leaves an incredible smoky flavour on food. If you’ve been grilling with charcoal for a while, you know that it’s a great method and you probably take pride in your amazing charcoal-cooked steaks, however, if you’ve been grilling with charcoal for a while you also most likely know that lighting the charcoal can at times be challenging! You might be asking yourself how you can make it easier, and what are some of the best charcoal grill fire starters? How do they work? Team Harding has got your back!

The Egg Carton Method
The egg carton method is by far the most crafty of the charcoal grill fire starters! It’s very simple, and you most likely already have what you need for the method in your home right now! Essentially, all you have to do is take an old egg carton and fill it with charcoal and other kindling like newspaper or cardboard, close it up, place it in your grill, and light the carton on fire. The box will ignite quickly and as the carton burns, so too will the charcoal inside.

The Minion Method
The minion method is the most simple option of the charcoal grill fire starters, but it’s very effective. This consists of hiding wood in the centre of the charcoal in your grill. The wood burns far quicker than the charcoal does and will give off a lot of heat, meaning the wood will transfer the energy to the surrounding charcoal and slowly ignite the charcoal from the centre outward.

The Charcoal Chimney
The most expertly-acclaimed charcoal grill fire starter is without a doubt the charcoal chimney! The charcoal chimney is a simple yet brilliant grilling accessory that helps ignite your charcoal with little effort. It is equipped with an upper and a lower compartment; in the upper compartment you pour your desired amount of charcoal, in the bottom compartment you stuff newspaper. Once the chimney is full, just ignite the newspaper at the bottom to start a small fire in the compartment. This small fire will evenly ignite the charcoal above, and when it turns white-hot you can carefully pour the burning charcoal into your grill.

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